We serve individuals, couples, children and families.

Our therapists use a combination of complementary therapy approaches all aimed at the health of the whole individual: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

We also know that each person is part of a system of relationships.  So, we also help individuals to thrive in their relationships, bringing growth and health to families, marriages, and beyond.


Maybe you experience anxiety or depression.  Maybe you're grieving loss or experiencing a season of change.  Maybe you're in a period of questioning or are fed-up with the status quo.  Life is full of different seasons and growth is possible in any and all of them.


Relationships can be challenging, but the reward of being known and knowing your partner is worth the work.  Sprout therapists use evidence-based approaches that help create relationships that last.


Children aren't immune to problems and stress. While they may seem more vulnerable than adults, they are actually resilient and ready to learn.  Our child therapists use a variety of methods that harness the power of play to help children grow.


What happens when there seems to be more dysfunction than function?  Sprout therapists are trained to use a combination of compassion and science to bring health and healing to families.