WHAT: Grief Workshop
WHERE: At Soul City Church – 1150 W Adams
WHEN: October 20, 2018
COST: $10

Are you grieving the recent death of a loved one or friend? Grieving can be confusing, lonely, and may include unsolicited, unhelpful advice.

Jesus calls those who mourn blessed- for they will be comforted. We can only begin to experience the comfort, hope, and healing God has for us after we give ourselves permission to step into our grief.

Join us for ‘Good Grief’ – a safe workshop space for you to connect with others and your grief story. We will have a Guest speaker who is a professional therapist share Biblical and psychological perspectives on grief, and provide tools for coping, managing and even thriving in the midst of it. We’ll also spend time connecting with others going through the grieving process. We hope you take advantage of this special workshop.  Space is limited.