Leslie Gordon 

My approach is empathetic while providing a safe space for my clients to encourage and reflect on their strengths while developing tools to ensure life balance and harmony.

My clinical focus is based on developing tools to relieve anxiety and reduce depression by learning and identifying strategies that promote symptom reduction. While my concentration is behavioral in nature, I also integrate theories of mindfulness, narrative and solution focus techniques. The mix of strength-based strategies along with behavioral exploration encourages self-awareness while promoting growth and change.  By learning to accept strong emotions, communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts with others and make good decisions, we can improve how we handle uncomfortable situations and develop greater emotional balance and quality of life.

My understanding of the inner workings of young children as they evolve intellectually at a rate that surpasses their emotional development is an area of my expertise.  I utilize a behavioral approach that incorporates art and play to work with young children and teach strategies for emotional and sensory self-management. I have over 21 years’ experience as an educator, school counselor and case manager in the Chicago Public School system.  This experience has provided me with extensive knowledge relating to the varied needs of all learners and the complicated navigation of the special education system where I advocate for children and their families.

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” Charles Swindoll

To set up an appointment please contact me:

Leslie@sproutfamilyclinics.com or call (312) 375-1774