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Sprout Hope Now

We are proud to work with brave individuals who are willing to be guided through the hardships that they are facing together. We have dedicated our professional lives to working with couples to understand and overcome the difficulties in their marriage. We are positive and solution-based counselors because we believe in addressing problems head-on with the goal of building strong relationships based on love, respect and trust.

Skinny Brain

Are you eating because of what's eating you? If you've been a chronic yo-yo dieter you know you can't lose weight and keep it off just by KNOWING what to do. You also need to understand WHY you do it and HOW to sustainably live healthier. Diet and exercise are important, but they are the WHAT, Skinny Brain is the WHY and the HOW.

Helpful External Links

John Gottman is one of the world's most accomplished marriage researchers. His research on couples has had a great impact on the marriage field. There are books, products, and retreats on this website that can be a great addition to couples counseling.

Marriages don't happen in isolation. Couples are surrounded by their families of origin. Even if you don't live by your family or your spouse's family they still have an impact on your relationship. This institution is excellent for helping individuals and couples navigate their family relationships. They have a good training program and quarterly conferences to help you respond to these important people in healthy ways.

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